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Pharmaceutical Name
(Methadrostenolâ„¢) 230mg/capsule - 60 capsules/bottle

Effective Dose
(Orals: 2 - 8 tabs/day)

(Orals: $79.95 - 60 capsule bottle)

Cycle Info
Great by itself or also effectively stacked with Winni-V and Liquid Anodrol during bulking cycles.Water retention does not seem to be problem with use and gains are reported very solid. Invented in the summer of 2001, D-bol has fastly become the most popular oral anabolic available due to reports of extremely dramatic muscle strength and size gains. D-bol has a special formulation containing methadrostenol that may exert a pronounced ergogenic action in the body after oral administration.

D-Bol lacks an altered c-17th carbon configuration thus making it completely safe with very little hepatoxicity. Due to this particular structure, there seems to be a longer half-life of anabolic activity present in trained skeletal muscle.

Aromatization and water retention also seem reduced because of this configuration. Users are reporting gains greater than any other legal oral anabolic compound without the negative side effects. There are reports of excellent gains on as little as 2 capsules/day. Others have noted tremendous mass and strength gains with doses of 4-8 capsules daily. For optimal absorbtion dosing should be spaced as evenly as possible. D-BOL is simply the most powerful oral anabolic on the market and is the preferred oral used by elite level athletes around the world.

Strict government regulations make any true performance enhancement agents hard to come by... Due to the sensitivity of this matter it is recomended to obtain a supply of this product while it is still available.

Add Incredible Size and Strength with the most popular oral ever produced!

For the first time ever (Only through this website and SDI-Labs), You can now obtain D-Bol TM legally and without a prescription! D-Bol will help explode your muscle growth to new levels by dramatically increasing the uptake and synthesis of protein into muscle cells! Dianabol TM has been a heavily sought after steroid during the past 30 years. It is currently the most popular oral used because of its ability to dramatically increase size and strength gains in virtually all athletes. Known as the "breakfast of champions" Dianabol TM is the most powerful oral next to Anadrol 50 TM. However, D-Bol is side effect free, and has therefore become the obvious choice for performance enhancement purposes. Just one cycle of D-Bol may increase your strength and size astronomically and provide you with extremely high quality muscle growth! To enhance the high speed muscle development acheived while using D-Bol TM , many athletes stack it with WINNI -V during "Bulking Cycles". Combining these two items will multipy their effectiveness.

Increase Muscle Size and Strength Dramatically!

- WARNING - The products sold by our company may help induceextreme muscle growth and fat loss during weight training cycles. Due to their profound effects and potencies it is recomended to seek the guidance of a physician prior to use.

Ingredients per Capsule: 60 Capsules per bottle
Active Ingredient - Methadrostenol

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Price = 79.95 Per bottle
Buy 3 get 1 Free: 79.95 X 3 (+1) =$239.85

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